Email Mojo Workshop

Description: 6 weeks online course with recordings and training area covering email marketing
and sales principles for selling $500 and above products and services.
Starts: Sept 14th 2016
Ends: Oct 26th 2016
(Every Wednesday at 3PM Central)
Class Time: Approximately 2 hours per session

Course Outline:

  • Module 1: Overview, Email Marketing Principles (framework) & Order Form Copywriting
  • Module 2: Triangle of Insight – How to deliver insight to subscribers in a fun, unforgettable manner.
  • Module 3: Rapid Bonding Mojo and The Nurture And Pick Campaign
  • Module 4: Offer Mojo & Symptomatic Messaging
  • Module 5: The C.A.P. Sales System
  • Module 6: The Rainmaker Campaign and selling continuity programs
  • Bonus One: Selling $5k services and products using email only
  • Bonus Two: Email Mojo templates, examples, surveys, troubleshooting guides and more
    Investment: $6,000