July 31, 2015

A BALLSY challenge for YOU!

Lay’s Potato Chips most famous slogan was “Bet you can’t eat just one.”

Remember that?

This was circa 1983…and as a 16 year old rebel-rouser, I wanted to prove them wrong. So what’d I do? I marched right down to the Circle K and bought a bag of Lay’s!!!!!

LOL…right? Not only can you not just eat one…you can’t just buy ONE chip either!

Brilliant campaign! I wonder how many rebel bound, acne prone teens choked up their allowance and paper route money just to stick one to the man?

Today, I’d like to be so bold as to challenge the rebel in YOU.

I bet you can’t pick ONE THING you’ve been putting off, tolerating or avoiding and GET IT DONE…without doing another one!

I challenge you to EAT ONE FROG! Because I betcha can’t eat just one.

Example: This last week I finally merged ALL OF MY CALENDARS into ONE CALENDAR so that I’d stop scheduling personal stuff on top of business stuff and vice versa. Whatta RELIEF! Plus Jeannie and my assistant Honey can see what’s going on in my life so we can all plan better!

My energy soared!

So much so…I couldn’t do JUST ONE!

Last week, I also tackled a tough business decision I’ve been “putting off”, launched a prototype of my new email marketing agency and completely cleaned up my PC desktop, real desktop and filed all my important documents.

We’re also facing head on fixing the leak in the bathroom, sealing the stucco on our house and getting everything in TIP-TOP condition.


Nuff about me. I just want to inspire you to EAT ONE FROG because I bet you can’t eat just one. (Do you see my evil scheme here?)

Rooting For Ya,

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