September 15, 2015


MOJO MEDICINE: Your POWER is always in direct proportion to experiencing at your core the following REALITY…

No matter what you’ve been through…

No matter what you’re going through…

No matter what you will go through…


Life was, is, and ALWAYS will be good. It’s not always comfortable sometimes, but it is always good.
Travis Sago

Some may ask? How does this insight make me more powerful?

There are dozens of ways…

But here’s one which changed my life…

When you believe life toggles and flip-flops from “bad” to “worse” to “good” then to “worse” again… you squelch or cease to take bold action.


Because we become fearful of making life WORSE.

When we REMEMBER life is always GOOD.

We free ourselves up to take BOLD ACTION.

I’m not saying I go off half-cocked now…

But I realize deeply that I can make a decision and it’s the BOLD ACTION I take AFTER the decision that makes it the right one.

And even if it doesn’t “work out” I still have a GOOD LIFE to live in and look forward too:-)

Do you see how this empowers a person?

Rooting For Ya,

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