October 13, 2015

Deadly Poisonous to Your Growth

Like snakes, many “invisible programs” lurking in the bushes of our lives are harmless.

Others…sit coiled inside our head, striking savagely with venom that paralyzes our growth at best and leads to death at worst.

One of the most deadly snakes in the world is the Inland Taipan. The fangs pack enough toxic venom to swiftly kill 100 full grown men.

But the Inland Taipan is a sissy snake when compared to one of the most toxic invisible programs lurking and ready to strike inside of our own heads.

The program?

“I NEED to be comfortable.”

Looks innocent enough doesn’t it?

Yet, the venom has killed millions of men and women. Rapes energy and power from billions of lives all over the world. And steals our dreams and hopes from not only our lives, but the lives of our sons, daughters and grandchildren.

Do I exaggerate?

I don’t think so.

Why do people drink until their livers fail? Because of the program that tells them they NEED to be comfortable.

Why is over 25% of the population obese and type 2 diabetes cases skyrocketing? Because of the program that tells them they NEED to be comfortable.

Why is the US $7 Trillion bucks in debt? Because so few people want to be UNCOMFORTABLE long enough to fix the problem.

And this poisonous program sickens our PERSONAL and BUSINESS lives in a kaleidoscope of ways too.

Would you guys be up for discussing the anti-dote on our next Mojo Meetup?

WARNING: The discussion may NOT be comfortable, but the POWER we can bring back to our lives can rocket us to new levels of mojo, success and achievement.

Rooting For Ya,

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