July 31, 2015

I don’t get paid unless YOU get paid!

Travis Sago

I’m knee deep launching one of the only CONTINGENCY based marketing agencies. (that I know of.)

I’m starting out with my magic-MOJO…Email promotions that create buying frenzies & bring in 5 to 6 figures within 10 to 14 days.

My clients kick back while I do it for them…with ZERO upfront risk and the glee of watching their sales stats go completely berserk while tipping back a beer or glass of wine.

Isn’t it high-time that if a coach or consultant can deliver results he puts his money where his mouth is?

I deliver results…buying frenzies and profit…with consistency…and predictably…I deliver now… the client pays from profit…not upfront.

I may have hit a chord too?

With a little word of mouth, I’m already booked through August.

September anyone?

Give me 10 days & I'll do all the work to create a 5 figure to 6 figure cash windfall for you... AFTERWARDS you just write me a check from your profits...




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